You get so much hate, sorry but it's so funny. Honestly but to all the girls that are poring out their hearts, like it's good to get closure but you're going to like so many guys/girls in your life. Don't be hating on someone that isn't ready, you wouldn't want heaps of people to be hating on you... ✌️&❤️

I use to get so much hate, not so much anymore cause i’m not a ‘wanker’ or ‘player’ anymore :)

14.Aug.14 2 months ago
28.Apr.14 5 months ago


I just realised i haven’t eaten all day, 2 seconds later i realised that i’m about to throw up cause i’m so
Fucking hungry and my stomach hurts now :’(

26.Apr.14 5 months ago
Who are your best friends? Guy and girl

Mason, sweeney, elliot, harry, luke, chewy, karren, tilly. Wbu

20.Dec.13 10 months ago
18.Nov.13 11 months ago